Awakening will save us?

Being in the Bay Area, I find an interesting mix of “my tribe” and sometimes feeling that some folks are a bit naive and create a spiritual ideology. Of course, that happens anywhere people are into spirituality, and is often a part of our process of maturing.

Some folks seem to think that a larger scale awakening will save humanity, or perhaps that it’s the only thing that will save us.

First, I see this as a projection. It may be true or not, and in any case, it’s pointing to something that’s right here and now. Can I find that?

Second, I am not sure if I see it the same way.

To me, healing, kindness, and engagement seems more important. Of course, those things can come through an awakening process, but it’s not guaranteed, and awakening is certainly not necessary for that healing to happen.

Healing is all about who we are as this human self. Awakening is more about what we are noticing and recognizing itself. As mentioned above, an awakening can certainly support healing, but not necessarily, and it’s not necessary for healing.

The single most effective way to allow this healing may be through schools. For instance, by offering basic life skills as part of a regular schooling, starting as early as possible. This may include meditation, communication skills, parts work, heart-centered practices, self-love, and similar. It can be done in a way that’s sensitive to local culture and compatible with atheism as well as a range of religions and spiritual orientations.

It is, after all, just basic life skills. Life skills that can make a huge difference for individuals, the school community, families, and also impact the wider local and even global community.


Initial notes…..

Put a great deal of faith in awakening
It’s what will save us
Is it true?
To me, looks different
Ordinary kindness much more important, engagement

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