Charging a decent amount

I sometimes hear people say that you need to charge a high amount so people will value it.

To me, that’s always seemed like patently nonsense.

My experience has so often been opposite. What’s been life changing for me, and something I value deeply, has often been very inexpensive or free. (Conversations with friends. Nature. Breema. Meditation. Several inexpensive or free sessions or workshops that has meant a great deal for me.) Other times, when I have paid a high amount for something, it’s been rubbish and a waste of time. (Therapy sessions in Norway.) If anything, I tend to be far more critical of what I pay a large amount of money for. It better be worth it, and it often isn’t.

I agree about charging what the market will bear. Why not? If people are willing to pay, why not charge that amount? No other reason is needed.

And if I feel I need another reason, here is one that works for me: If I charge a decent amount for my services, it shifts something in me. I become more serious about it. I want to make sure that what I am offering is worth it.

In some cases, charging those who can pay well allows for offering free or inexpensive sessions or workshops to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. In my mind, that’s not in itself a reason for charging more. But it is made possible when you charge well.


– charging a good amount
– not so they will value it, but so you will shift, take it more seriously, offer something worth it
– do it so you will take it more seriously…..
– (also, if people are willing to pay it, why not?)
– (and…. can use surplus to offer it to some who otherwise couldn’t afford it)




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