Craig Holiday: You are worthy of your own love

You are worthy of your own Love,
You are worthy of your Beauty,
You are worthy of your Peace,
You are worthy of your Goodness.

I meet so many individuals who have been taught by their up bringing that this is not the case. The majority of our psychological and spiritual work, has to to with healing our past taught misperceptions of ourselves and beginning to see and know what we are: Love, Beauty, Peace and Goodness in the form of you.

How do we do this?

By loving yourself. By giving yourself permission to see yourself, both your pain and your Beauty and giving yourself permission to let go of this old way of seeing oneself, through loving the painful aspects of yourself to death. Love yourself to death, and fall in love with your own radiance and notice how most of your “problems” and suffering has disappeared.

— Craig Holiday

I agree with the essence of this, but would have put it slightly differently. First, by giving concrete ways to explore loving ourselves (natural rest, ho’oponopono etc.) Then, by wording it differently than “loving to death” since that may feed into an unquestioned assumption that something has to go away. Instead, why not include that assumption, and that desire, too? Why not find love for that too? See it’s innocence? See that there is nothing wrong with it? That it’s welcome to stay? That it’s worried love?


Initial draft…..

I would maybe say by loving it to life. Not to “death” since it implies you still want to get rid of it, and that’s not loving it. Instead, we can find love for that part too. We can include the part that wants to get rid of it in the love. We can see that is OK too.

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