Jack Kornfield: This very difficulty will strengthen you

You may not see it now, but
this very difficulty will strengthen you.
Your heart will grow wiser, your spirit stronger.
You already know this.
You can even begin to see the ways this is true.

— Jack Kornfield in You Will Survive, an excerpt from A Lamp in the Darkness: Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times.

I realize this is taken out of context, and I haven’t read the book – yet. I assume he qualifies it by exploring how we can go through difficult things and grow from it.

Obviously, sometimes, difficult things happen and people (apparently) break without recovering very well. And other times, people go through difficult things and grow from it – as a person and in wisdom and love.

It depends partly on our previous history, and our social support. And even more so, it depends on how we relate to the situation and ourselves. If we are lucky enough to enter a path of love, we may indeed grow from it.

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