Loving the unloved, question the unquestioned

I have had old unloved wounds surface lately, along with the unquestioned stories that creates them and holds them in place. Much of it has to do with leaving my guidance when I got married, feeling derailed since, regretting lost opportunities, and being unhappy about where I find myself now.

When these old wounds come up, it’s easy to turn away and neglect them again. After all, that’s been my pattern for most (or all?) of my life. It’s easy to follow the groove created over years and even decades. It’s easy to repeat what’s most familiar.

And yet, the remedy is to do the opposite. To turn towards it. To rest with it. To meet it with love and quiet attention. To question the assumptions that creates and maintains these wounds.

I seem to still repeat the pattern of (a) getting caught in old and habitual ways or responding to these wounds (avoiding them), and (b) shifting into resting with them, finding love for it, and noticing and question the assumptions behind them.

And that too is something I can rest with, find love for, and where I can notice and question any stressful assumptions.


Initial notes……

Old pattern, to turn away, neglect what comes up
Retrain oneself to do the opposite, turn towards, meet w love, question assumptions

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