Ongoing resting and looking

Any wish for attaining a permanent state or end point comes from an idea, which may be held as real and true.

So when that comes up, I can rest with it. I can also ask some simple questions, such as:

Can I find the goal? An end point? Is there a threat in not finding it? What would I have to feel if I didn’t seek it?

What’s left is something much more restful. Resting with what’s here, whatever it is. Looking at words. Recognizing them as word. Looking at images. Recognizing them as images. Feeling sensations. Recognizing them as sensations. Perhaps asking some simple questions. And resting with what’s here. Resting with word, images, sensations, when they are here.

And, of course, sometimes getting caught in seeking, wishing, goal orientation and so on. That’s part of it too. That’s perfectly OK too. When I notice, anything that comes up around it can be rested with as well. Noticed. Allowed. Notice it’s already allowed.

Initial notes….

– ongoing resting and looking
– if a “goal” comes up, can see if I can find it, look for the threat in not finding it, what would I have to feel if I can’t rely on a future goal?
– still, ongoing, see what’s here etc.


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