What I have found helpful during difficult times

Here are some things I found helpful during difficult times, including during (what looked like) my PTSD phase.

I did the one(s) that felt right, and most helpful, at the time. Most or all of these have stayed with me for longer periods of time, and I still find them helpful.

Many of these things may seem superficial, but I found they helped shift my mindset just a bit, which often was very welcome. And over time, they may shift things more significantly.

Remembering that thoughts and feelings are just that, thoughts and feelings. They don’t necessarily tell the truth.

Doing Ho’oponopono to myself and others. (I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.) I also do it towards parts of me.

Going for walks. Spending time in nature. Gardening. Physical activity.

Avoiding too much sugar. (It can do funny things with the mind.)

Doing shaking (neurogenic tremors, Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) now and then.

Remembering that others have gone through similar things, and came out on the other end. A typical symptom of PTSD and similarly despairing mind states is thinking and feeling it will always be like this.

Being patient with myself. (Sometimes easier said than done.)

Another thing I find helpful is writing a gratitude list. Just a few simple things that I are grateful for. (Family, shelter, food, sun etc.) I tend to favor the all-inclusive gratitude list, where I include things it’s easy to feel grateful for, and also all the rest including what feels the most challenging.
Asking myself simple questions: Is it true it will never change? Can I know for certain it will always be like this? Is it true it’s too much? Is it true I cannot take it? 
Asking myself, if this was a movie, what would the meaning be? If I was the director, how would the sequel be?
Sometimes being strict with myself when I find myself going into despair and dark states. I will remind myself that the thoughts and feelings telling me that it will never change were lying to me. (Since I can’t know for certain it’s true that it won’t change. And I know from experience things do change, including when it seems very dark and thoughts – worried love – tells me it won’t.)

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