What’s stopping me?

What’s stopping me? 

That can be a helpful exploration.

What’s stopping me from resting with what’s here? 

What’s stopping me from getting [….] done? 

What do I find, when I look at images, words, and sensations? Feel the sensations? Ask some simple questions about each?

For instance, what’s stopping me from updating my website?

I notice a sensation in and around my head, and also an image of my head and a kind of light colored fog.

Look at the image. Look at the color, the lines, the texture. Is the color stopping you? No. Is the lines stopping you? No. Is the texture stopping you? No. Is the image stopping you? No.

Feel the sensations in the head. Take your time. Drop into the middle of it. See how it is to completely allow it. Does that sensation stop you? Yes, it seems to. How do you know it’s stopping you? What tells you it’s stopping you?

There is another sensation in the throat, almost a lump in the throat, a contraction. Feel that sensation. Give it all the space it needs. Notice the space in and around the sensation.

Do you see a shape, color, or texture? Yes, an image of my throat and the lump. Look at that image. Does that image stop you? No. Is that image the actual throat and lump? No, it’s an image.

Feel the sensation in your throat. Stay with it. Drop into the middle of it. Feel it, as if it’s feeling itself. Notice the space in and around it. Does the sensation stop you? Hm, it feels like a threat.

What tells you it’s a threat? I see an image of my eyes, looking at it, and looking worried. Look at that image. Is there a threat in that image? Yes, I feel a slight contraction in my belly and solar plexus.

Feel that contraction. Feel the sensations. I feel some nausea. Feel that nausea. Rest with the sensations. [Pause.] What’s happening now? It’s less strong. Is that sensation stopping you? No.

Rest with what’s here.

Can you find what’s stopping you? (etc.)

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