Embracing the messiness of human life

What we are already embraces – and is – all there is.

An awakening process is, in many ways, a tour of some of the essentials of what we are. All as awareness. All as love. All as dispassionate. All as allowing what’s here. Expansion. Contraction. Bliss. Pain. Suffering. Being human with all that means, including the messiness of human life.

After an initial opening and perhaps even expansion, it’s natural to wish to stay there, to make it into a permanent state. It doesn’t quite work that way. Life may well invite us to recognize all as Spirit, including contractions, pain, and the messiness of human life.

That’s one type of dark nights. The one where we “lose” the bliss, opening, expansion, and may get to experience the reverse – contraction, and the still unloved wounds, pain, reactivity, and other very human parts of ourselves.

To the extent we struggle with this, it will feel even more painful. We add suffering to a process that’s in reality very kind and loving, and even wise. We struggle against it, because we don’t quite recognize this process too as Spirit, as love, as wisdom.

And when I say “we” I mean I, me.


– all as awareness, Spirit, love etc.
– and also very human
– embrace both, including the messiness of human life
– things doesn’t work out, sometimes unable to live from clarity/love, sometimes caught in identifications, reactivity, wounds etc. (and will continue to be like that, for all I know)

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