Resting with excitement

I know from experience that it can be painful to clutch onto excitement. (Or joy, or anything else my personality really likes.)

So instead, when I notice and remember, I take a moment to intentionally rest with the excitement. I notice the sensations, the images, perhaps some words. I rest with it.

Notice. Allow. Notice it’s already allowed.

If I clutch onto it, I “go down” with it when it goes away. And it does, as any experience.

When I rest with it, I recognize it as an experience. It is allowed to live it’s own life. I can still “make use” of it, to do things. And yet, I know it’s an experience, it’s a set of sensations, images, and words, and it comes and goes and lives its own life.

It’s much more peaceful that way. More aligned with reality. More real.

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