Slightly compulsive entertainment

I sometimes have a tendency to compulsive entertainment.

When I am out walking, I listen to a podcast or a talk by Adyashanti or someone else. And I often do the same before falling asleep at night.

I put more music and some movies on my phone, just in case I happen to be traveling and need something to put my attention on.

And I make sure I always have my phone (or iPod) with me, along with earbuds, when I am out.

Nothing of this is very bad, and I suspect it’s quite common.

And yet, I notice it’s a bit compulsive. It feels like I am trying to avoid something. It feels like I am trying to avoid myself.

So I can ask myself:

What would I have to feel right now if I didn’t listen to a podcast or a talk?

What would I have to feel right now?

And then rest with that. See how it is to rest with it, if even for a few seconds or minutes. How is it? Is it as terrible as my mind sometimes suggests?

How is it to feel those sensations? Look at the images? Listen to the words? Rest with it? Notice the space in and around? Perhaps ask some simple questions, so I more clearly notice what they are – sensations, images, and words?

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