The gifts in what we are most ashamed of

There are often gifts in what we are most ashamed of.

The shame itself suggests that there is something still unloved and unquestioned there for us.

Finding love for the unloved is a gift in itself, and may open up for other gifts we didn’t even know was there. The same goes for questioning unquestioned assumptions holding the shame, guilt, wounds, pain, and suffering in place.

For instance, I have shame around being bullied, or at least sometimes being treated unkindly, by kids at school. Finding love for that shame, and the pain behind it, is a gift in itself. Resting with the sensations, words, and images is a gift. Questioning my stories around it is a gift. Seeing that I wish I had stood up for myself is a gift. Seeing that I don’t wish to treat others that way, including by vilifying those kids, is a gift. (They were most likely in pain too.)

And I am sure there is a lot more there for me since there is still more for me to meet and explore.

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