Byron Katie: There is no one who doesn’t live in love

Yes, this is what I have discovered too.

First, during the initial opening or awakening, it was clear that everything – with no exception – is consciousness and love. (Aka God, Spirit, Brahman, life, existence, whatever you wish to call it.)

Whatever something looks like to the human mind, filtered through all sorts of – often scary – stories, is really consciousness and love. Infinite wisdom and love.

It helps to have seen this, and if it’s not alive it doesn’t help that much. Apart from as a reference.

That’s where inquiry comes in. Can I find this, through inquiry? (Or will I find something different?)

Insights from inquiry apply to the specific topic I am inquiring into. Only a thought can generalize this insight to other topics or times. It’s fully possible to do so, and I sometimes do, especially here on this blog. And yet, a part of me knows it’s generalized and not really valid. And I also know that these generalizations are questions at best. Is it that way? What do I find when I look at this specific topic (whatever is alive for me), here and now?

Having said that, here are some generalizations from what I have found through a number of inquiries.

What appears as anything but love in me isn’t how it first appears. My reactiveness, anger, sadness, grief, resistance, holding on, pulling back, identifications, it’s all there to protect the apparent me. It’s all from deep caring. It’s all from love. It is love. (Slightly misguided in its expression, and yet love.)

In that way, I am living in love. It may not look like love to the mainstream mind. And yet, it comes from a wish to protect the me. It comes from deep caring. It comes from love. It is love.

If I don’t notice this, I’ll tend to be in struggle with myself and my own experience. And that’s uncomfortable, and ultimately a dead end street.

Noticing this makes a big difference. I am more at peace with what’s here. With my own experience, even if it appears as sadness, anger, reactiveness, and all the rest. There is a recognition that it comes from a wish to protect, from caring, from love, and is love. (Often, it helps to go through each of these steps. The gap between each one is more easily bridged than jumping from the first to the last.)

I see, from own experience and own investigation, that I live in and from love. Even when it doesn’t look like it at all, to the mainstream mind.

And that helps me recognize the same in others. What initially looks like anger, greed, coldness, bigotry or whatever it may be, is recognized as (most likely) coming from a wish to protect the self, from deep caring, from love, and being love.

To the extent I am familiar with this in myself, I more easily recognize others too as living in love and from love.

At another level, I see that awareness (consciousness, life) already allows this experience, as it is. It even allows resistance to and struggle with experience. That’s a form of love. That is love. And it’s already what I am living in and from. And what others is living in and from. Any being is living in and from this form of love.

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