Healing my relationship with my world

An essential part of psychological and existential healing is healing my relationship with my world.

In other words, healing my relationship with whatever shows up in my experience, whether a thought says it’s me, or others, or parts of me, or life, or God.

I can find love for it, perhaps with the support of loving kindness, ho’oponopono, tonglen, or similar heart-centered practices. If it’s a part of me, I may see that it comes from a wish to protect me, from deep caring, and from love.

I can rest with it. Notice. Allow. Rest with the images. Words. Sensations. Notice it’s already allowed. (Resting with it is, in a sense, a form of love.)

I can examine my beliefs about it, and perhaps see that what I thought happened didn’t. (The Work.)

I can examine, in a finely grained way, how my experience of it is created, and see if I can find a threat, a deficient self, or a command. If it’s unfindable, there is often a relief. A relief in not finding it, seeing how it was created by my mind, and from the softening or falling away of charge around it. (Living Inquiries.)

I can release tension associated with it through neurogenic tremors (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, TRE). This release tends to release the “fuel” for (reactive) anxiety, depression, anger, compulsions, wounds, trauma, and more.

I can find a sense of wholeness, which in turn tends to shift my relationship to my world.

There are of course innumerable other approaches to healing, many of which can be very helpful. These are just some of the ones I happen to be familiar with.

What I am healing is really my relationship with my own world. With my own images, words, and sensations. This, in practical terms, heals my relationship with myself, others, parts of me, situations, memories, life, God, and Existence.

And that’s how I find what I really seek. That’s how I find peace with my world. Through loving my world, I find the love I seek. Through meeting my experience in a nurturing way, I feel deeply nurtured.

Through giving to my experience what I wish to receive, I receive it.

My experience is my world. It’s who and what I am here and now.

And it’s made up of images, words, and sensations.

This is one of the many “secrets” to life. A secret that’s out in the open. It’s very simple. Very obvious, when we arrive at it.

All of this goes very well with an ordinary life in the world. It supports an active, engaged and good life.


Healing relationship with

Find love for, see it’s from love (wounds, trauma), befriend

Examine finely grained way, images, words, sensations, undo velcro (unfindable, untriggerable)

See what thought happened didn’t

Release tension through body, trembling

Find wholeness, nurturing wholeness, myself as already whole

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