In the same boat

Whether I work with clients or teach a group, or am a client or student, there is often a sense that we are all in the same boat.

The roles, there and then, are different. One is a facilitator, the other a client. One is an instructor, the others students. After the session or the class, the roles change. They even change during the session or class, sometimes.

Behind the shifting roles, we are all human beings. We are all exploring universal dynamics. What I see in you is what I know from myself.

When I work with someone, as a facilitator or client, it’s often with a sense of a shared exploration of universal dynamics.

Of course, it may be that the person in the facilitator or instructor role has more experience or skill in a certain area. But even that may not be the case.

This makes it much easier. We are in the same boat. I don’t need to pretend.

It may be easier to notice this…..

When we have worked with projections for a while, and are familiar with finding in ourselves what we see in others.

When we work with basic and universal dynamics, such as resting with what’s here, finding love for what’s here, and inquiring into beliefs and identifications (which often are shared by most or all of us).

When we come from a background that values a more egalitarian approach.

When we recognize that we really are in the same boat, and that pretending otherwise is uncomfortable, easily seen through, and often based on (unquestioned and unloved) fear.

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