Inquiry and rest

Natural rest and inquiry can go hand in hand.

Natural rest is to notice and allow. Notice what’s here. Allow it as it is. And notice it’s already allowed as is. It’s a resting as that which is already resting. A resting with experience as it is, noticing it’s already allowed. (And, if seen even more clearly, already resting.)

Inquiry is a natural curiosity. Asking simple questions about what’s here, to see more clearly what’s here. Is this image a threat? This sensation? Is that word me, the one who is unloved?

Natural rest supports inquiry. It’s the context of inquiry.

And inquiry supports natural rests. It allows me to notice what’s here. That it’s already allowed. To see more clearly what it is. Even notice it’s already resting.

Natural rest alone is very helpful. And yet, velcro and beliefs may continue to operate within that natural rest. Perhaps even hijacking attention and identification, and creating suffering. Which is OK, although it’s perhaps kinder to do something about it. And that’s where inquiry comes in.

Inquiry alone can also be very helpful, but it will operate in a relatively superficial way without natural rest. Natural rest is what allows inquiry to be an especially helpful tool.


Initial notes……

Natural rest

Inquiry happening as natural part of rest

Natural movement of curiosity, interest, asking simple questions, see what’s there

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