Inquiry on sensitivity

Sensitivity can also be a topic of inquiry, as anything else.

From the descriptions I see, I probably qualify as a highly sensitive person (at the far end of that spectrum). It means I am sensitive to noise, chemicals, food, aesthetics (feeling off and sick in a place that’s not clean or cared for), what’s going on in nearby people, the qualities of a place, the energies of a geographical region, and more. I was much more sensitive to this during the first phase of the awakening process, and less so now although it’s still there.

I can do what I often do: Resting with it (notice + allow). Finding kindness for it. Even dialog with it.

And I can take it to inquiry.

Can I find a threat? (In the images, words, sensations.)

What’s the worst that can happen if I am exposed to X? (Noise, chemicals etc.)

Can I find sensitivity? Can I find someone who is sensitive?

When do I first remember being sensitive to X? (Look for the threat.)

What’s the best that can happen if I am not exposed to X? (Inquire into that too.)

After this, I may experience more ease around it. And I may still prefer to avoid noise, chemicals etc. if it seems to make sense, or not. It’s open. I don’t know what will happen. (Can I find a threat in not knowing?)

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