Natural cycles

It’s easy to get the impression that some folks – the ones who speak or write about it – are able to consistently love what’s here, inquire into stressful beliefs, rest with what’s here, and more.

Some may indeed be able to do that. And for most of us, it goes in cycles.

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed and don’t do any of it. I may indulge in identifications, or attempts to escape from the discomfort. I may go into victim mode. I may be reactive. I may act in ways that hurt those around me.

Sometimes, things hum along and I just enjoy life, or am absorbed in everyday activities.

And sometimes, I do indeed do those things. I find love for what’s here. I inquire. I rest with it. Often, this is when things are moderately triggered. I sometimes even do it when things are more strongly triggered, especially when I remember and find the intention to do so.

It’s good to be aware of this.

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