Notice all as awareness

At some point in the process, it can be helpful to notice all as awareness.

This sound, this image, this word, this sensation, it’s all awareness.

It happens within and as awareness.

Even what seems most solid to me – this tension, contraction, discomfort – is awareness.

When I look for something that looks real and solid (Living Inquiries), and it’s unfindable to me, it’s often easier to notice this.

It may seem that the images, words, and sensations themselves are real and solid, so I can look for them. And it may seem that awareness is a “thing” so I can look for that too.


What seems most solid in my experience now? Notice it. Allow. Is it true it’s actually solid?


Initial notes…..

– notice all as awareness
– including contractions, identifications, discomfort, suffering
– all happening within and as awareness
– and can also see if can find awareness, is it findable outside of images, words, sensations? are those the actual awareness?

– notice all happening within and as awareness, including any images/words/sensations that may appear as who/what I am

I cannot find what I am looking for outside of images, words, and sensations, and those are not it either.


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