How do the living inquiries work?

How do the Living Inquiries work?

Put simply:

Through looking at associated images, words, and sensations, feeling the sensations, and asking simple questions to see what’s actually there, there is a reprogramming of the mind. And this allows us to see the images as images, words as words, and sensations as sensations, and also more easily stay with and feel the sensations.

When sensations, images and words seem “stuck together”, the sensations lends a charge and sense of reality and solidity to the stories created by the images and words.

Through resting, looking, and feeling the sensations, this stickiness softens or release.

I also wonder if not feeling the sensations, and especially noticing and feeling them as sensations, allows something to discharge and release. The tension and “stuckness” that the initial stickiness created may be allowed to release, at least over time.


Initial notes…..

The “stickiness” that was there – with images, words, and sensations appearing to be stuck together, and making the stories created by the images and words seem charged and very real, is softened or released.


– a reprogramming of the mind, so see images as images, words as words, sensations as sensations
– loosens or releases the velcro, the charge, the apparent stickiness of images/words/sensations to each other


– sensations stuck on associated images, words, lend these a charge and sense of reality, truth, solidity
– so look at each of those, feel the sensations, ask simple questions to help see what’s really there
– see sensations as sensations, images as images, words as words + feel/rest with the sensations
– allows velcro to loosen or fall away
– makes it easier to see how an experience is created, as it happens
– less taken in by it
– more able to feel the sensations (they seem less scary, since are less connected to images/words)
– based on buddhist form of inquiry, made into something that can be facilitates with a client, modernized in a sense + adapted to our culture
– not about “making” anything happen, more setting the stage, just looking, feeling, resting, allowing……. the magic is in the allowing, resting, looking, feeling…. treating it with respect, kindness, (anything else is not needed, although something may happen)


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