Byron Katie: There is no other

There is no other. There is nothing that isn’t born out of you.

– Byron Katie

My world is my own world of images, words, and sense experiences. My world is what I am. It all happens within and as this field of awareness. In that sense, there is no “other”. It’s all born out of me. And “me” here means this field of awareness it’s all happening within and as.

What’s more accurate is that “other” is unfindable. I cannot find others – or the world, or me, or anything – outside of my own images, words, and sense experiences. And unfindable doesn’t mean doesn’t exist.

In any case, for practical reasons, it makes sense to assume that there are others, and a world, and me, and the rest. It helps me orient, navigate, and function in the world. One doesn’t exclude the other.

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