Byron Katie: Your body is nothing more than a metaphor for your thinking

Your body is nothing more than a metaphor for your thinking, mirrored back at you.

When you believe that you are this body, you stay limited, you get to be small, you get to see yourself as apparently encapsulated in one separate form. So every thought has to be about your survival or your health or your comfort or your pleasure, because if you let up for one moment, there would be no body-identification. Every thought has to be about “I” – that’s how you survive.

Without a story of being limited, you’re infinite. People think that limitlessness is terrifying- the ego does everything not to let an experience like that happen. But if inquiry is alive in you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Katie or a bird or a galaxy or a rock or tree or grain of sand.

Eventually there is no fear. You come to feel total acceptance: “I am this, for now.” You realize that you’re nothing; you’re prior to thought, not a woman or a bird or anything but awareness: a completely silent mind looking at itself. It is limitless. It’s still. It’s aware of itself, delighted with itself, as all things.

– Byron Katie

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