Phantom sensations

A client mentioned phantom sensations the other day, and I remember experiencing something similar early on with inquiry.

There is initially an unexamined and diffuse feeling of something “out there” outside of the body. For me, I especially remember it outside of and around the head. When I looked, I found sensations in the face and head, and an image of these sensations outside of and around the head. I also found words such as “diffuse” and whatever I took these sensations to mean. (Which I don’t remember anymore.)

So from a diffuse feeling of something around the head, it clarified into noticing it as actual and ordinary sensations in the head, clear images of something diffuse and fuzzy around the head, and words telling me what the apparent meaning of these were. Sensations are recognized as sensations. Images as images. Words as words.

The charge went out of it, and the meaning was recognized as created by my own mind and not inherent in anything outside of my own words and images.


Initial notes…..

Diffuse, vague, perhaps even both inside and outside /around the body

Localize it, notice where it is in the body + images /words saying it’s diffuse, around the body

Will become more clear, sensations + images, words

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