Who am I?

Some recommend who am I? as an inquiry question.

I can see the abstract reasoning for this. If there is awakening here, you may suggest this to someone where there isn’t the same awakening. But without the how it seems a bit pointless.

How do I explore this question? Just repeating the words who am I? won’t do much, and it’s not inquiry. Looking around in an unstructured way won’t do much either, most likely.

So we need some sort of structure. Fortunately, several structures for inquiry are available.

Using the Living Inquiries, I can explore whatever looks the most like who I am. This body. This name. The mind. Selves, whether they are inflated or deficient. Thorough looking may reveal both what I am not, and what’s here independent of all this shifting content.

I can also use The Work, the Big Mind process, or any other form of inquiry. These provide structure for looking, and that’s invaluable, whether we are early in this exploration or more familiar with it.

The dandy in the photo is Ramana Maharshi, who neo-nondualists often attribute the who am I? inquiry question to. I am sure it’s much older, and must traditionally have been accompanied with some pointers for how to explore it. (Although I don’t know whether that’s the case or not.)

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