Why? Discovering through exploring images, words, sensation

Sometimes, we ask ourselves why? 

Why do I feel this way? Why did I have this dream? Why can’t I stop obsessing about X?

Why is there suffering? Why is life unfair? Why can’t I find true love?

One way to answer this why is through exploring how our mind creates its experience of it.

And we can do that through exploring the images, words, and sensations creating our experience of whatever we have the why question about. We look at images and words, and feel the sensations, and go wherever the charge is strongest.

For me, this gives me a more fulfilling answer to the why question than any intellectual, psychological, or philosophical answer.

It shows me how my mind, here and now, creates my experience of whatever I decide to explore in this way. It shows me the images, words, and sensations creating the experience. It shows me the many associations connected with it, including representations of the past, future, other people and myself, and whatever else is there.

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