Amplify / Release II

I have written about the amplify / release experiment before.

Notice something stressful, uncomfortable or painful.

Amplify it. Make it as strong as you can. Do this for 10 seconds.

Release. Relax. Hum a song. Do this for about as long.

Repeat a few times.

Among other things, this helps me notice how I try to make it stronger.

Bring attention to the sensations. Amplify images (clarity, size, content). Amplify words (tone of voice, volume, content). These are the sensations, images, and words already making up the initial stressful or uncomfortable experience.

Feel contractions. Tighten certain muscles. Hold the breath. Create a face that goes with the feelings. Look at an image of me feeling a certain way. Exaggerate that image.

This is very helpful in educating my mind about how it creates its own stressful and uncomfortable experiences. I get to see how velcro is crated (velcro = belief = identification = hangups = mind knots).

For instance, I had a feeling of being unloved come up.

I notice and feel the sensations in the heart and throat area. I notice and look at an image of me looking unloved, sad, lonely. I hear myself say the word UNLOVED and the words I AM UNLOVED and listen to the sound.

I notice I hold my breath back, and amplify that by tensing muscles in the chest and belly area.

I see an image of me alone, with people in the periphery having fun and feeling connected. I make the picture stronger, clearer.

And so on. All of this helps me see how my mind creates the initial experience of being unloved and alone.

The amplify / release experiment does a lot more than this. See the initial post for more.

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