Exploring the observer

When do inquiry as a client (self-inquiry or facilitated), I sometimes have images and sensations of me as an observer come up. So I look at those too.

I see an image of me (my face) looking at at image or word. Is that image X? (X = whatever I am looking for in that inquiry.) Is the sensation associated with it X? And so on.

Sometimes, it can also be interesting to explore me the observer more fully.

Look at the image of you looking at another image. Is that you the observer? (Q1) Yes, it feels like it. Sensations in the face.

Feel those sensations. Notice the space they are happening within. Do you see an image? Yes, I see an image of my face with eyes closed, relaxed.

Look at that image. Is that you the observer? (Q1) No. 

Where do you find you the observer? Can you find him in images, words, sensations? Yes, sensations in roof of the mouth, slight contraction in upper throat, sensations in the lower back of the head.

Feel those sensations. I see an image of my head.

Look at that image. Notice the space around it. The space between you and the image. Q1? No.

Rest. Rest with what’s here.

Feel the sensations in the mouth, throat, lower back of head. Q1? No.

Look at the images of your face. Q1? No.

Where do you find the observer? Picture of my body sitting here.

Look at that picture. Q1?  No.

Where do you find the observer? Sensations in throat.

Feel those sensations. Q1? No.

And so on, continuing to explore whatever initially appears as the observer. This allows me to see how my mind creates the appearance of an observer, and the charge in it may soften or fall away.


Initial notes…..

  • exploring the observer
    • image of me observing
    • sensations associated with the image
    • etc.

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