It works only if you apply it

It works only if you apply it, and it doesn’t work if you do not apply it.

That’s how it is with most things. It’s pretty obvious.

If I have a shovel, it’s only useful if I put it to use.

It’s the same with any tool, including psychological and/or spiritual tools.

These are tools too. They only work to the extent we apply them.

Still, I notice clients sometimes appearing committed to change, and at the same time unwilling to actually put the tools to use in their life. There may be several reasons for this. Since I sometimes am that person, I’ll see what comes up for me:

Insufficient trust. Trust that the tool works. Trust that it will work for me. Trust that I can heal. Trust that it’s OK for me to heal. Lack of experience in going deep in one area, and see that the pain dissolves. This can also be a lack of trust in the facilitator, which may be justified or not.

Not having reached rock bottom in one area of life, sufficiently to see that what I am familiar with doesn’t work and realizing that something needs to change.

Insufficient skills. Lack of understanding and skill in how to apply it. (If I am the facilitator, then it’s my responsibility to help them learn this.)

Unexamined fears. Unexamined fear of facing scary sensations, images, and words. Unexamined fears of what it will mean to live without old hangups and painful stories and identities. Unexamined fears about not doing it right or well enough, or being judged.

Trust = pull. Rock bottom = push. Skills = ability. Fears = block.

With Natural Rest, Living Inquiries and TRE I would say there is a good chance they will work to the extent they are applied diligently over time and become a natural and mostly effortless part of daily life.

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