Looking at mental images

Here are three ways to look at mental images:

  1. See it out in front of you. Move it out in front and slightly up. (Viewpoint stays and what’s viewed is imagined moved out in front of you.)
  2. See it where it is. See a body image where it is on the body etc. (Viewpoint and viewed stays where they are.)
  3. Step back and look at it where it is. (Viewpoint changes and the viewed stays.)

The first one may be easiest in the beginning, and sometimes the third (when looking at body images). The second may the most natural and easiest with time and experience.

We can also do several things to help the mind “get”in a more visceral way that it’s a mental image:

Change the size of the image. Change the location of it (move closer in, further away). Imagine touching the surface of it. See it in a frame, a book, a screen etc. Look at the elements of the image, one at a time (lines, colors, shapes, texture). Look at the space around the image, and between you and the image.

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