Sally Kohn: Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty

Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty
Black shooter = entire ethnic group guilty
White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf

– Sally Kohn

This shows the mentally of much of mainstream media in the west. The media is run by white people and they know white people the best, so they also know that white shooters are an anomaly. They typically know black people less well, so tend to blame the black culture. And they typically know muslim people even less well, especially personally, so allow it to color their view on a whole religion.

It’s patently absurd even on the face of it, so as usual I am partly surprised people allow themselves to be seen as so stupid and ill informed. (That goes for some reporters and anyone voicing those views.) And still, I know people react to their own pain in myriad of ways, and bigotry is one of them. To me, that bigotry is as or more dangerous as any small group of extremists taking to violence.

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