TRE and Living Inquiries

Some ways TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) and the Living Inquiries are mutually supportive:

  • Natural Rest is great to combine with TRE. During a TRE session, notice what’s happening. Feel sensations and notice they are sensations. Look at images and notice they are images. Hear (or look at) words and notice they are sounds (images).
  • During therapeutic tremoring I can bring a stressful situation, trauma, addiction, body contraction, or something else to mind. This can help release tension out of it.
  • Therapeutic tremoring can bring material to the surface we can then take to inquiry. Some of what surfaces through therapeutic tremoring may be difficult to access through the Living Inquiries alone.
  • During a TRE session, it’s possible to do a simple inquiry. Whatever is here – a sensation, image, words – I can feel it / look at it, stay with it for a while, and ask a simple question. For instance, is it the actual past? Is it the actual future? Is it in itself a threat? (I do this minimally, but it can be helpful.)

4 thoughts to “TRE and Living Inquiries”

  1. I appreciate your posts and observations on TRE. As a newcomer to TRE, it is helpful to learn from your experience and insights. I’m new to TRE, but astounded by this powerful process. I’ve had a huge physiological shift – literally from head to toe. My 40+ years of chronic jaw tension, and neck tension completely gone in 10 sessions a few months ago. The bottoms of my feet have had a lot of sensation open up. My feet even seem to have more contact with the floor. My posture has improved.
    My husband says my gait has changed and I have better co-ordination. I was so amazed with the results, I am going to begin the Level 1 training in British Columbia next week.

  2. Thank you 🙂 Yes, I have also been amazed by its effects on me. I noticed it mostly in the beginning and now it’s more of a gradual deepening. (More energy, better sleep, no lower-back pain, better posture, easier breathing etc.) Great that you are beginning the training! Also, since there are no major grammatical errors in the posts you commented on and based on the way it’s phrased, I assume your post is actually spam…

  3. Hi Moe,
    Actually, I assure you my post is not spam. It was Wayne Hayden-Moreland who suggested I look into TRE for my son. In August, I had reached out to Scott Kiloby for help, searching for answers for him. My son struggles with crack cocaine addiction, and is currently in court-ordered rehab here in Canada. I am very grateful to both Scott and Wayne for introducing me to TRE. I was looking for help for my son, and Wayne suggested I get Dr. David Berceli’s DVD online, and try it myself, just to learn the process, and then show my son. I wasn’t looking for anything myself, my intention was to find something to help my son. However, I was astounded with the results I got.
    It will be several months before my son comes home, and is able to start TRE. I also found him a wonderful SE therapist, as Wayne suggested that would be helpful too.
    I found your blog, only because I was looking for anything that related TRE to spiritual awakening. I had a profound shift in consciousness in 2001, and it has been deepening since. Still, I was aware of blockages and disrupted energy in myself, in spite of many years of yoga and meditation practices. At this point, I’ve done over 60 TRE sessions, and it has been incredibly powerful and transformative. What surprises me more than anything is that before a few months ago, I had never heard of TRE.
    Thank you for your blog – I really enjoy many of your posts!

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