Examining boundaries

It can be helpful to examine boundaries.

How does my mind create its experience of boundaries?

For instance: Is there a boundary around this body, between the inside and outside? Is there a boundary between me and others? Between me and the wider world? Between me and nature? Between me and anything I see as “out there”? (Universe, spirit, awareness etc.) Is there a boundary to space? To mind?

If there is a sense of boundary, how does my mind create that experience? Is there an image there? Is it associated with certain sensations? are there words connected with this experience of a boundary? What do I discover when I look at each of these? Is there a threat in not finding a real boundary? Is there a threat in having an experience of a boundary? Is there a command to have a sense of boundary? Is there a command to not have a sense of a boundary?

Through these explorations, my experience of these boundaries may soften and have less of a sense of solidity or charge. The “outside” and “inside” are recognized as happening within the same space. The boundaries are recognized as mind-made, as images sometimes connected with sensations.


Initial notes…..

  • notice images of boundaries + the sensations they may be associated with
  • examine experience of threat (if stay/go away) + boundary itself + command for it to stay/go away


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