Dream: Bleeding

I am in a setting where I am supposed to duel other people. I die of blood loss, over and over. The initial duel was with guns, the later ones with swords and other weapons. In the last scene, a young woman and I had both had one of our feet cut off. I help her first then she helps me with tying the leg off and reduce the bleeding.

In the dream, I fade out (die) from the blood loss and then it restarts. This is an unusual dream for me, and I cannot remember any similar ones. I stayed in an unfamiliar house and bed this night, at an Airbnb in Los Angeles. The house was built in the early 1940s and I wonder if a WW2 veteran lived there and I picked up on some of his experiences and recurrent nightmares. I did sleep in what was the master bedroom at that time. (I didn’t know any of this until the morning after.) I have had experiences in the past where I slept in an unfamiliar bed and seemed to pick up on experiences and traumas of the person who usually sleeps there. These dreams have a very distinct feel to them, and this dream had those characteristics.

Some additional things that come to mind: The dream may also have to do with “dying to my old self”, in other words loosening the grip on old and familiar identities. Similar to Groundhog Day, as I went through the cycles of dueling and fading out, there was a shift from fear and panic to calmness and practical empathy. The dueling may have come up since I am relearning to stand up for myself and my needs, after some years of being knocked out by the fatigue and also ignoring my needs in important areas of life, and that does bring up a fear of conflicts in me. Sometimes, it does feel like dueling.

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