KL: i’d like to just tell you what i like about you

since we won’t have time to chat much, i’d like to just tell you what i like about you
would that be okay?
(i’ll give you a moment to prepare yourself if you want.  LOL)
i was starting to write it like a poem in my head
but…i’ll just share the simpler approach
that’ll be the theme for today.
i really appreciate your welcoming personality
when we connect, i feel a warm embrace like you really care
i like your touch…when we did Breema so many years ago
i sensed a presence that is palpable and it helps me find myself
i like your quirkiness
from the music you listen to, to the clothes you wear, to the myriad of personal growth offerings
you are unique and a true artist
i like your sensitivity though it can be hard on you at times, you are a model for the capacity of human sensitivity…what we could feel if we weren’t always distracted
i like your intuitive nature…the ability to tune into Wisdom and know what is needed…from healing people, to responding to their woes and worries
okay…i think there is more, but i need to stop there for today
I’m grateful you were born

A friend of mine just wrote me this on Skype since it was my birthday yesterday. I thought I would put it here so I can find it again later. Sometimes, in dark moments (which I have now and then, especially over the last few years), it’s good to be reminded.

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