Sleepiness in inquiry

Clients sometimes get sleepy in inquiry.

It may be because the client is getting close to or is entering an area that seems scary. Or he or she may be physically tired.

We can explore sleepiness in inquiry.

Is the sleepiness a threat or a problem? How does the mind create its experience of this threat or problem?

How does the mind create its experience of the sleepiness itself? What sensations and imaginations makes it up?

Is there a command to stay awake? How does the mind create the experience of this command?

I sometimes also invite the client to get up and move to invigorate the body and mind. (Especially if the tiredness is more due to withdrawal or lack of sleep.)


Initial notes…..

  • sleepiness in inquiry
  • either bc enter an area that seems scary, or physical tired
  • can explore in inquiry (threat, how the mind creates its experience of tiredness, command to stay awake etc.)
  • can also move to invigorate the body-mind

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