Jeff Foster: The Beauty in Your Anger

When you’re feeling angry, just feel angry.

Don’t try to ‘not feel angry’; you’ll only split yourself in two,
and end up attacking, or repressing, in your quest for relief.

Don’t think about feeling angry, then.
Just feel angry.
Be present with the raw, fiery, burning sensations
in the belly, chest, throat, head.
Invite loving attention deep into the volcanic heart of anger.
Let the sensations tingle, pulsate, vibrate, flutter.
Breathe into them, soften around them.
Dignify their existence.

Drop the word ‘anger’ now; simply connect with what’s alive.
Be the room for the fiery sensations, their loving embrace.
Know that these sensations aren’t a mistake;
you’re not doing anything wrong.
Anger is not ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ or ‘unspiritual’,
or a sign of your weakness.

You are alive. And you have a right to ALL your feelings.
You need not act on them, and please don’t push them down.
But simply stand with anger; be its loving parent, not its victim.
Breathe into it, let it move. It will not stay long.
It comes to cleanse, not to destroy.
It comes to remind you of your tremendous power.

So be kind to your anger;
It is only trying
to protect you from harm.

– Jeff Foster

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