Jeff Foster: The One You Always Sought

Who will love you
when everyone disappears
(including the ones
who promised
never to disappear).

Who will be there
when the surfaces have gone,
when the walls have crumbled,
when the horizon has fallen.

Who will embrace you
when you feel unembraceable,
unworthy, far from home.

Who will stay
when the world has fled,
when its armies have retreated,
when the darkness has descended.

When even Orpheus will not go down.

Who will keep every promise.
Who will never turn away.
Who will not die, nor turn absent.

Who will walk each step with you.
Hand in hand.
Never behind, never ahead.

Never judgemental of your constant evolution.

The One you longed for,
The One you always sought,
The One who lived in your heart for a billion years
was always yourself,
naked, open, present, aflame.

Too close to name.
Too near to find.

You are never lonely
when you are with yourself.

– Jeff Foster

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