Let it be true

Let it be true.

That’s been my main pointer lately.

When I notice even slightly uncomfortable thoughts or sensations, and I remember, I remind myself let it be true.

There is a great relief in this. So much energy goes into resisting or disproving uncomfortable thoughts or sensations, and often it’s not even conscious. This pointer is an invitation to do the opposite. Let it be true, and rest in it being true for a few moments.

Whenever a thought is even slightly uncomfortable, it’s because we have thoughts about it saying it’s bad or undesirable and there is resistance to it. And the same goes for sensations. Whenever sensations seem even slightly uncomfortable, it’s because it’s because a thought says it means something, and that meaning is bad or undesirable, so there is resistance to it.

It’s helpful to take time resting in it being true. Notice what happens. Is there a sense of relief? Anything else?

After a while, we can explore it further in gentle inquiry. What images are there? Words? What (other) sensations? Look at the images and words. Feel the sensations. Perhaps ask a few simple questions to clarify what’s already and really there.


let it be true

  • imagination – image, words
  • also sensations if don’t clearly know the story connected with it – is a story connected, and let it be true even if not clear on it (yet)
  • a relief, don’t have to resist or fight it, a sense of landing, relaxing, allowing
  • rest in it being true, experience how it is without the resistance
  • then, can inquire into it further


  • open to a wound, trauma, emotional pain, uncomfortable feeling
    • align with that which already allows it (presence, space etc.)
    • notice what’s there (without the distractions of struggling with it)
    • allow it to be as it is
    • can relate to it more intentionally, can explore it further
  • one way
    • let it be true, for now, for a moment
    • go into it, feel it, experience it
    • allow it as it is
    • notice it’s already allowed (by life, presence, space etc.)
  • allow vs struggle
    • when struggle with it, then act on a belief that it’s real, has power, reinforces that belief/pattern
    • when instead allow, reprogram the mind to see it differently, see its innocence, that it’s not inherently powerful (although may appear that way at first)


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