Matt Licata: Heartbreak

As an alive, sensitive human being, there will be times when heartbreak will visit – coloring your perception, soaking your emotions, and painting the sensations of the somatic world. As you wake in the morning, look up into the moon, and fall asleep at night… it’s just there waiting for you. This vague sense that something is missing.

Before you send the heartbreak away, turn into it and open. It is bestowing a transmission of pure revelation, but it is not easy to receive. Hold the offering close and see if your heart truly wishes to be mended. This raw, tender, broken openness is your lifeline to intimacy with all things. Offer safe passage for your vulnerability, for this is your gift to a world that has forgotten. 

Long ago, you made a prayer of wholeness. The response to that prayer has come, this time as reorganizing, shaky aliveness. Dare to let in the implications of being here in a star where love is alive. Consider that your heartbreak need not be cured, fixed, transformed, or healed. Encode a new circuitry of empathic resonance, of attunement, of presence, and of compassion. What you are need not be healed. Only held. This is the new way.

No, heartbreak is not easy. As one of the fierce and wrathful emanations of love, it will throw you off at times. It will pull the rug out from under you and remind you of how fragile it really is here. But no matter how difficult or confusing things may be, you can start right now.

Slow way down. Breathe deeply. Attune to the heartbroken one inside you and start a new world.

As you make experiential, embodied, intimate contact with the tender one within, you can finally meet her. You can hold him. And you can renew your vow to never, ever abandon who you are.

Keep this one close, feel the unseen ones all around you, and give your heart to this world.

– Matt Licata


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