Current situation -> early trauma

When I work with clients with the Living Inquiries, we often start with a current charged situation.

There are several reasons for this. One is that the client feels heard and respected. They feel that their immediate concerns are understood and taken seriously.

The other is that any current charged situation often leads us relatively quickly to a traumatic situation early in life. I will usually explore the current situation for a bit – look at a couple of images and perhaps some words, and feel the related sensations. Then, I’ll ask what’s your earliest memory of feeling that feeling? This will usually bring us right back to an early traumatic situation – either a one-time or a repeated situation. Often, one instance stands out of a series of similar instances.

In this way, we get to address both the earlier traumatic situation – which often is behind several current issues and the initial current issue. The client gets to see and feel the connection between the two. And the charge may relax around both through being present with the imaginations and sensations that make up the charged issues.


Initial notes……

  • inquiry
  • often start with a current situation with a charge, any situation
  • explore for a bit, then ask “earliest memory” and it often goes back to an early traumatic situation (one time or repeated)
  • enjoy this way of doing it since the client gets their initial concern validated, and get to dive deep into early history and trauma – get to do both, and also see how they are tied together, gives helpful insight

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