Staking a claim

We often stake a claim. It can be on a person, a job, a place, a house, money, our own body, health, insights, skills, or anything else.

When we do this, it’s often to create a sense of safety and predictability.

And yet, it all goes. We know that. It’s the nature of anything created to change and be uncreated. Whatever it is, it’s ultimately not in our control.

To the extent we stake a claim, we suffer when it goes away. And to the extent we recognize it as a temporary gift, we appreciate the adventure of experiences – including of people, things, situations, states – that come and go.


Initial notes…..

  • staking a claim
  • on anything…. a person, job, place, house, money, own body, insights, skills
  • it all goes, it’s not ultimately in our control
  • when something goes, ask what does this call for?, what does this situation call for in me? (surrender, deep surrender)

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