Own inquiry: Unloved

Abbreviated notes on own UI inquiry on “I am unloved” / the one who is unloved.

“I am unloved”. Yes.

Sensations in chest, throat, face, belly,

Picture of me sitting here, looking unloved. Yes.

Belly contraction. Dissipated.

“I am unloved”. Yes.

Chest, throat, face, belly.

Picture of me as an infant, abandoned, unloved, floating in space. Yes.

Face, forehead, belly, chest. Dissipates.

“I am unloved”. Yes.

Throat, face, chest, belly.

Picture of me in elementary school, feeling unloved. Yes.

Throat, as if crying.

Picture of me with my mother, feeling unloved. Yes.

Throat, belly, chest, face. Relaxes.

Where do you find the one who is unloved? Picture of me sitting here. Yes.

Face, solar plexus, chest, belly.

What’s your earliest memory of feeling that? Picture of me before age five with my parents. Yes.

Face, belly, solar plexus, chest.

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