Using healing to avoid meeting discomfort

I see how I sometimes use healing modalities as a way to avoid meeting something in me.

I experience distress. It feels unbearable. So I wish to do Living Inquiries, Vortex Healing, or something else to make it go away.

There is nothing wrong with these modalities, and they can help me work through and resolve the issues deeply in me. They may even help me meet and be with what’s here. And yet, it’s good to notice.

It’s good to notice when I reach for something, whatever it is, to avoid meeting discomfort in myself.

What I wish is to be able to meet and rest with the discomfort, and then continue and deepen the process through inquiry, VH, and whatever else is helpful for me to do that. And sometimes grace allows me to do just that, even when it’s intense and initially feels unberable.

Here is a good reminder from a (new) friend on FB:

Hey there…just wanted to reach out and just offer some support…I know when I’ve been in situations in the past I’ve wanted to vortex away the issue sometimes, thinking that it’s really what I needed, when at those times what I needed was to sit with what I was feeling and be there with myself…to really sit with the pain and the trauma, because if you try to run from it, you can’t really bring your awareness to it…I know that personally for me I did try to use energy healing to try to avoid feeling the panic and the anxiety […] and maybe that’s not what you’re doing…but at those times when I sat with it, it’s actually what allowed the feelings and emotions to move.

These issues are so deep seated within us that it takes time to release them layer by layer, or just help them move…and when we allow ourselves to sit with them, it actually goes deeper with the channeling because you’re bringing presence to that part of you that freaks out, needing connection and reassurance.
– Maya N. on the VH group on FB

 And then:

Hello, I’m so glad it helped, I felt a strong urge to message you so I followed it. It can be really hard to meet the feelings, but the more you do that, it turns into a practice of being able to sit with them. The thing is we have such a strong fear of abandonment and when our feelings of abandonment are triggered, often we start to abandon ourselves as well, and that’s when stuff really starts to go awry. I remember the first time instead of trying to avoid my feelings of being needy I sat with it instead and was like okay, there are parts of me that feel incredibly needy, and instead of reacting to this I’m going to be with them, and just love myself through it. There was a huge energetic shift that happened right away. The parts of us that we try to avoid are the ones that need us to connect to them and love them the most.

– M.N.

I can totally understand that. When we get triggered in such a devastating way, it’s so instinctive to panic and try to avoid it because there is so much terror around it. I’m sure what you received through Vortex from reaching out also helped in bringing you to a place where you could be present with this stuff. It’s not easy to ask for support either, but I’m glad you did so. It’s such a huge part of self care 🙂

– M.N.

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