Aligning with reality vs tricks

In the Living Inquiries, most of the time we notice what’s here and align more consciously with reality. That’s where the deepest healing is found. And sometimes, we also use “tricks”.

I may have a client notice images, words, and sensations (contractions) associated with a particular perceived threat, or compulsion, or deficiency story. I have them notice the boundless space it’s all happening within and as. We may explore the earliest memory of feeling that way. All of this is just noticing what’s already there and resting with it. And it can be very healing.

And sometimes, I may use a “trick”. One of my favorites is amplify / release. When something has a strong charge, amplify it. Make it stronger for about 10 seconds. Then release and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat a few times. This helps us see that what we tried to avoid because it seemed scary is actually not quite so scary. Also, by attempting to make it stronger we may get some insights into how these contractions and charged experiences are created and held in place by the mind. And the charge does tend to lessen, which makes it easier to rest with it and inquire into it. It supports resting and inquiring into it.

There are also other tricks which I rarely if ever use. For instance, when looking at words, you can scramble the letters and/or let them fall down in a pile. This helps the mind get that they are words without any inherent meaning. (For me, this is a bit too much of a “trick” although it seems to work for some.)


Initial notes…..

Tricks vs aligning w reality / what’s already there

Both can be helpful, tools

Eg Amplify / release is a trick but also helps us see how the mind works, gives insight

Notice space, notice what’s already here, just pointing to it, shift in attention

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