Awakening and trauma

Awakening can happen whether we have worked through a lot of our human stuff or not.

When it does, it’s often followed by a transcendence of our human hangups and pain. We experience a honeymoon phase. We experience some relief from it.

At some point, the intensity of the awakening may fade, and life’s pressures can retrigger our human wounds and hangups again. It may feel like something went wrong, but it’s just life showing us what’s left.

It’s life saying, now you have a taste of what you are, so use that new context to invite healing into who you are, into your human self.

It’s sounds simple talking about it in this way. And it can be experienced as very messy and often confusing when we are in the middle of it. That’s why it can be very helpful to have someone in our life who knows this process and has gone through it themselves.

And it’s not something that happens only once, or in just one way. This clarity / realigning cycle happens over and over and in many different ways.

It’s part of our human life.


Initial notes…..

  • awakening and trauma
  • awakening can be very clear and the intensity of it can last for a while, can temporarily transcend trauma, wounds, hangups, unhealthy pattern etc.
  • as the intensity of the awakening fades, and perhaps the pressure of life increases, the trauma-related behaviors (and the traumas) can surface again
  • it’s all a gift, in the big picture, a figure-eight dynamic of going “up” (awakening) and “down” (dealing with what’s left to deal with at the human level)

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