Infinite causes, but also inevitable?

When I examine even the simplest choice, action, or situation, I see it has infinite causes and that these stretch back to the beginning of time and out to the widest extent of the universe.

But does that mean that what’s happening is inevitable? Some make that jump, but it’s a step too far for me right now.

Yes, for anything I can find a great number of causes, and then one more, and one more. But I don’t see how that means what’s happening is inevitable.

We can also say that what’s happening, whatever it is, is divine will. It is, after all, happening within and as the divine. And that too doesn’t mean that what’s happening is inevitable.

I understand the temptation to see something as destiny, predetermined, or inevitable. If it’s an idea we hold onto as true, it can be used to medicate a sense of regret, or grief, shame, guilt, or fear of making decisions. But it doesn’t really work. It just temporary covers it up, at best, and the uncomfortable feelings and the thoughts creating them are still there.

Of course, it’s possible that someone can have a genuine recognition of something as inevitable, but I am not there yet and I don’t know if it’s really possible since I don’t know if it’s aligned with reality.

The most honest answer to this question is that, yes, I can always find one more cause for anything happening, so these causes seem innumerable or infinite. There is a peace in recognizing this. Going one step further and saying that what’s happening is inevitable is one step beyond what’s honest for me right now.


Initial notes…..

  • infinite causes, but also inevitable?
    • infinite cases to everything, including own experiences/actions/choices, yes – not really room for “free will” or someone choosing etc.
    • but does that mean what’s happening is inevitable? doesn’t seem that way to me, seems to go a step further than what we can say


I can understand the temptation to see something as destiny, predetermined, or inevitable. It gives a certain surface peace. But to me, it doesn’t really bring peace because it doesn’t feel right. It’s taking a step further than what seems true to me. And being honest with myself is more peaceful.

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