Muslims, Obama, imperialism

Following the shooting in Orlando earlier today, I overheard a conversation in a luggage store. A customer said to the storekeeper: “It’s those terrible Muslims. None of them should be allowed in our country.” The storekeeper didn’t say much, but as soon as the customer left he said to a co-worker: “It’s all Obama’s fault. This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for what he has done to this country.”

Those views don’t make much sense to me. It’s clearly not about Islam since most Muslims want peace and a good life just as anyone else, independent of religion. And the majority of violence in the world is committed by non-Muslims, historically and currently. I also don’t see how this has to do with Obama. I assume both of these people may watch Fox News, or perhaps other US mainstream media that express similar views.

At the same time, I have my own views and interpretations. And I know these are equally biased, simplistic in their own way, and formed by my own background (mostly from being European and Norwegian). To me, it has far more to do with how the west has treated the rest of the world for centuries, and specifically how the US has treated the rest of the world over several generations now. People around the world are legitimately angry by how they have been treated, and the impact on them and their cultures and societies from western cultural, economic, and military dominance and imperialism. They understandably feel angry, scared, and helpless. And one of the ways that’s expressed is through violence. They are unable to engage in violence on a large scale due to lack of resources, so they do it on a much smaller scale instead.

I realize this is an unpopular view among some since this turns the pointed finger back on ourselves. The upside of this view is that I am pretty sure there is something to it (just ask the people living in those countries), and it shows us what we can do – which is to provide support for their local self-governance, local economies, and traditional culture, and take a close look at the real consequences of neoliberal globalization which tends to serve the major corporations and be harmful to people and nature just about anywhere.


Initial notes…..

  • overheard in a store in CA: it’s because of the Muslims (customer), it’s because of Obama (storekeeper), it’s a natural reaction to imperialism (me)
    • muslims – obvioulsy not for so many reasons, only happens to be that dividing line (just like in Northern Ireland)
    • obama – don’t quite know/understand that argument
    • natural reaction to imperialism, fear, anger, despair, helplessness – one of the few ways they can express their despair that will be noticed (even if it also will be completely misunderstood by most)
    • very different interpretations, trying to make sense of it, blaming different things/people

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