From my late teens, I have known that I have dampness in my system according to Chinese medicine.

I assume it’s connected to some of my health challenges, including the fatigue and brain fog.

Adam S. has given me Vortex Healing sessions to strengthen and optimize my system, and he has started working on the dampness more directly. After that, we’ll work on the emotional issues behind it which he says seems to be a sense of deep aloneness and feeling sorry for myself. (“I am totally alone, nobody is here for me, it’s all just horrible”.)

I see that these are also connected to beliefs and identities about missing out and being unloved.

About the dampness, I have noticed since my teens that dry and warm climates work much better for me than cold and damp, fireplaces are helpful when it’s cold or damp, and it’s also much better for me to avoid foods like dairy, sugar, and bananas.


Initial notes……

  • dampness
    • brain fog
    • optimize my system, dry it out (VH)
    • emotional issues behind it

[Emotional issues behind the dampness?] I am totally alone, no-one is here for me, it’s all just horrible. Deep aloneness. Self-pity. Feeling sorry for oneself. Focal point in spleen sacral area.



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