Glen C: The Tribe matters

When I was 12 years old, an elder woman in my Tribe handed me a single piece of firewood an told me to take it another older woman in my Tribe who was in need of some firewood because the fall weather was turning colder. I thought the request was crazy, because it was only one piece of wood, but this woman was not someone who I would say no to. I delivered the piece of wood, with no fanfare, or drama.

A few years later, when I was sixteen, about five other 16 year old Tribal members and I were hanging out on a hot, dusty Summer night talking, and the topic of crazy things old people do, came up…and we all mentioned the night that elder women had told us to deliver a piece of firewood to the same older woman..obviously we realized that there were bigger things going on than warmth at issue that night.

We each matter, the young and old. The Tribe matters.

Lessons, still being learned.

– Glen C. on FaceBook

A beautiful post from a friend of mine.


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