Own inquiry: Ice cream compulsion

Inquiry on ice cream compulsion. I had a small amount of dairy last night, and now have cravings for ice cream. (Which I haven’t really had for months.) I am making the notes very brief here.

Picture of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream + their local store at The River in Rancho Mirage. Is that picture a want to get ice cream? (Q1) Yes.

I feel craving/sensation in my belly and chest area. Rest with those sensations.

I notice a fear of letting the velcro around this craving go. It’s a different sensation in the solar plexus. Rest with that sensation. It subsides.

Where is the craving for ice cream now? In my chest and throat. Rest with those sensations.

I notice an impulse to act on them, or do something in reaction to them. Feel that impulse. Rest with it.

I hear the words “I want to get ice cream”. Listen to the words. Do those words tell you to get ice cream? Yes, I see a picture of the Ben & Jerry’s store.

Look at the picture. Q1? Yes, sensations in my belly, chest, some in the face. (A bit more spacious than initially.)

I hear the words “I need ice cream!”. Listen to the sound of those words. Q1? Yes, sensations in belly, chest, throat.

Rest with the sensations. Half attention on the sensations, half on the (boundless) space they happen within.

And so on. Isolating out one component of the craving at a time. Resting with what comes up. Asking simple questions to help the mind see what’s there, and see what more is connected to it.

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